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Review: Spiritual Development 

'I had a fulfilling, enriching journey on the spiritual development course, Paula was a great guide and teacher, Paula relates to your emotions and physical wellbeing. I would highly recommend this course. '


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Wellness Coach


BHI Course, Lilly, Kent

I would highly recommend Paula Wratten's BHI course not only is Paula very interesting she is a very nice person to deal with. I found her course very informative which has enabled me to view the way I look at the world in a different light. The information Paula has shared with me has been very enlightening & immensely beneficial for me both in how I live my life and in my work with others.

Mani / West Midlands

As an Energy Healer, I was seeking to find a course that could aid and support my healing techniques in order to incorporate quantum physics into the mix. Paula’s Holographic Interpreter course provided me with the exact tools I needed. I have recommended this course to friends of mine working in the same field and I can honestly say it has delivered amazing results. 

Paula is a great teacher, very interpersonal, highly skilled, and a wonderful human being/ lightworker to work with. I have two degrees and this is honestly the best investment I have placed into my studies to date. Very affordable yet so useful. 

Highly recommended. 


Thank you Paula x

Emma G, Banbury

The Body Holography Interpreter course was really insightful and has opened my eyes and mind to just how important your energy is. The course starts with the individual focusing on the basics of spiritual hygiene and the body, then moves outwards to look at global healing, and exploring multiple dimensions via quantum leaping.


Paula is a fantastic teacher. She delivers the content using examples and case studies, which help to cement the learning in your mind. After each session, you can then practice/build on your learning through a series of short assessments and extra reading. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone who wants to get a good foundation in energy healing.

Claudia, Dubai

I am delighted to share my thoughts on the Body Holography Interpreter course that I recently took with Paula. It was truly a unique and enlightening experience that I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in gaining a deeper understanding of their body and mind.

The course was designed to explore the concept of the body as a hologram, which was a completely new concept to me. Paula's teaching style was both inspiring and engaging, and she was able to explain the complex concepts in a way that was easy to understand. Her passion for the subject matter was infectious and made the course more enjoyable.

Throughout the course, I learned a great deal about the interconnectedness of the body and mind, and how a variety of techniques and practices of energy healing that we could use to tap into the power of our bodies.

In conclusion, I am incredibly grateful to Paula for sharing her knowledge and expertise with me in this wonderful course. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in deepening their understanding of the body-mind connection and exploring new ways of energy healing.

Thank you, Paula, for such an inspiring and life-changing experience!




Janice Browne, Eastbourne

I was always a little weary of Tarot cards in the past most probably the negative stigma I picked up on from TV as a teenager, however being a therapist and already working with clients I felt another string to my bow wouldn't go a miss, my experience was nothing but positive, the course was extremely informative and fun, Paula is such a kind and generous lady and went above and beyond to support me through my course, I would highly recommend this course and to be honest any of the courses or readings with Paula, Thank you Paula for all you do what you pass on and most importantly who you are x x x with highest regards Janice 

Adam Scott, Uckfield

I would like to thank Paula for her guidence with my journey through life and continues to do so.

Having just completed the, Body Holography Interpreter Course.

Her expertise and spiritual knowledge and her calm way of teaching is amazing.

Paula has opened my eyes further along my spiritual journey. 

I am looking forward to the next course I have booked which will open my  mind further into the spiritual world.

Kind Regards


Patsy, Warwickshire

“Paula is an amazing woman with a truly amazing gift !

Over the years I have known her she has continually been  spot on with my readings ,  and still surprises me with her abilities and insight.  Paula's readings have enabled me to navigate through life’s ups and downs , given me hope, peace , vision and clarity , and now all my friends are clients too!    

William, East Sussex

“ I have had three readings from Paula. All of which have been very accurate on what has taken place and very specific on what the future holds. Paula has always been very willing to expand on any questions I may have. I have felt very positive and serene following each meeting. There is a great deal of information given in a clear and easy to understand way, which does make sense. I have no hesitation in recommending others to meet with Paula and to experience this very remarkable person with such incredible gifts.”

Caroline, Warwickshire

I am a counsellor/life coach and I was looking to incorporate additional spiritual / energetic elements to my work. This course gave me a variety of tools to do just that. I also use some of the tools when giving reiki.  I used to look forward to my weekly sessions with Paula because, not only is she is a wealth of knowledge, she is also very personable, uplifting and kind and made learning a real pleasure. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to further their knowledge of energy medicine for personal or professional reasons. 

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