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Helping You Change Your Perception.

Positive Living with Paula Wratten, Quantum Healer, Psychic, Spiritual Adviser, Light Code Activator.

Paula Wratten

Quantum Therapist, Life Path Reader, Spiritual Light Code Activator, Psychic/ Medium 

My work spans over 30 years of working in the holistic field. Working with my clients is very fulfilling as I help them view their life from various perspectives. I work with quantum healing, reading the Akashic records and the new light codes available to humanity. I use many modalities to create a bespoke healing service. I teach tarot over Zoom, Skype or FaceTime and have an online energy course. One interesting part of my work is the 360-degree reading. It covers all aspects of the person, including how our past lives merge with our present timeline.

I help remove blockages from ancestral DNA memories. I can also view future possibilities. Please explore the therapies on my site and go with your intuition when choosing a session with me. 

Working With All Aspects Of Human Consciousness

What I Specialize In

Holographic Light Codes

Quantum Readings

Life Path Readings

Online Courses

Quantum Healing 

Holographic Light Codes

Quantum Readings

Life Path Readings

Online Courses

Quantum Healing 


New! Holographic Light Codes

I have developed a new way of delivering light codes to the spiritual body, they are universal and cosmic codes that work with humanity to reconnect to universal truths and forgotten healing. 


Each code can be inserted into the body hologram, unlike other symbols that stay within the subtle energy bodies, these codes once downloaded will assimilate and upgrade within our energy field and leave no energy imprints. They become past of us, the divinity within, the missing codes of humanity. Using visualisation and ancient techniques the body hologram undergoes a shift in consciousness.

'I took the Multidimensional Tarot Course with Paula and it was an amazing experience. She gave me amazing insights and learned a lot not just about the tarot deck, the reading and so on but also learned a lot about how to open up to my intuition and channel the correct messages for people.

I recommend this course 100% as any other course that she provides as she gives her heart to share with others her gifts.'' Thank you again Paula.

Sam, Mexico 

'I was excited to see this course available and for having the benefit of a one to one tutor. It has been an amazing journey connecting with the cards and I have decided to use them professionally with my other therapies to guide and help people.

Paula has been so supportive and patient and I highly recommend her as a Tarot teacher. ''


Louise ,West Sussex

Dear Paula,

Following my reading, I wanted to write and thank you for such insightful experience. We have never met and only spoken briefly to book the reading, yet the accuracy and detail within the reading was astounding. The last 3 years have been spent renovating my house, an experience which would rival those seen on cowboy builders. For a house which had such a lovely feel and many years as a happy family home, it fought me every step of the way, almost destroying everything I held dear. 


When I came to you for a reading, I was seeking advice on an entirely different matter but the knowledge that you gave me healed a huge wound. The accuracy of detail from the name of the previous owner, the vision of the new house which has planning but is not built and grasp the problems I have been facing all within the first 30 minutes was amazing. Although an emotional experience, the work we did, not only healed the house but a part of me too. It allowed a chapter to be closed, both physically and emotionally. Physically the freezing room is now filled with flowers and warmer despite the lack of heating. I am grateful for the privilege of working with you for a brief spell to understand the events of the last 36 months. I look forward to what is to come. Thank you for allowing me to understand the hardships faced and for the hope that the future brings. All the best Rebecca

Rebecca, Berkshire

Paula has also exhibited outstanding clairvoyance as she is able to tune in past life frequencies and to trace back the current issue with unresolved past life issues. What I appreciate most is that once the work has been completed you have the necessary tools for self-help. If you have encountered an unsual amount of trauma, drama, abuse, attacks in this life the chances are you have been implanted and programmed (and abducted) to do dark's bidding. Meet Paula and free yourself. Her humility and sense of humour will immediately put you at ease. Her connection to heart and source energy is absolutely unique."

Claire, France

I contacted Paula when I was experiencing an unsettling time in my life and felt I needed some insights as to what I could expect next.  Since then her reading has been unfolding with incredible accuracy, so much so I had to call her to tell her how accurate she had been!  


I really appreciated how she delivered her reading, with warmth and empathy at a time when I needed it.


A big thank you Paula, for helping me ‘see the wood for the trees’!


Hazel, South East

I first met Paula 9 years ago at a group session arranged by my mum. I wasn't sure what to expect initially and from memory I cannot remember much of my first reading because of the excitement, apart from how interesting Paula is to talk to and how I felt she could read my energy. It was 5 years later when I had my second reading over the phone, something pretty big had happened within our family and she picked up on it straight away. This gave us confirmation and much needed support of what we were struggling with. The reading was warming, emotional and spiritual and I always feel secure with Paula, she's a very soothing soul. Since that reading I've had 2 further readings, both containing big changes in my life that at the time I hadn't planned or knew was to be expected. Both were exciting and great adventures to be had, both with work and family that has led us to a wonderful time in our lives. I recommend Paula highly and thank her for readings, it's never rushed and it always makes me feel I have a family blanket around me during these sessions.

Rosie, West Midlands

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