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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the psychic says something about my future I don’t like?


Our life map is not at the mercy of some external force, we can change our life and create a future that is more conducive to our hopes and dreams. The person having the reading is always in control of their destiny. As psychics and mediums, we are viewing the future based on current thoughts and intentions. By changing your perception, you ultimately change the outcome or circumstances that were leading you down this route. Energy does not become fixed but is fluid, so if something is not working for you, it can be altered by you. A good reading will highlight your gifts and inspire hope and inspiration.


Why use a Psychic?


When you come to see a Psychic you are usually looking for answers, we all have intuition, all the reader does is tune into your energy and download information, a good reader will tell you things that should resonate with your intuition, this is because we are linking to your life map. We are all interlinked by energy so it is not surprising that some people are more tuned in to other people's energy grids. Many people ignore their inner GPs and when things go wrong seek out the services of mediums and psychics. My work as a medium allows me to help each client find the best solutions and routes for their development. If a job or relationship is ending it is helpful to show the sitter the possibilities that are presenting themselves at this moment. Demonstrating the positive side of each situation helps empower them to make healthy choices based on their inner knowledge.


Why hasn’t the prediction come true?


When you receive a forecast, and it does not happen on the expected timeline, this does not mean the reader has got it wrong. Events happen because you have implemented the changes and made some inner shifts, if you are not prepared to make the necessary changes then things will stay the same. If a change is needed and your reader has seen this in your future, the old energy will be replaced by new vitality. This may require some inner work to improve circumstances. We must never fear change. It releases us from being stuck with something that serves no purpose in our future. Life is about choices, we are the creators of our future, and the reading should just guide you through those paths.



Why can't I just sit and say nothing?


A good reading is an interaction between the sitter and the reader. If you come for a tarot reading to just say nothing although you will get something back from the psychic, it may not cover or answer everything you wanted to know. As a medium, I always try to establish a clear connection with my clients and build good relationships so future interactions are comfortable. We cannot read your mind, and we pick up on subtle energies from our clients if you are holding back for fear of letting information out then you may block any valuable info that the reader could give you. My work involves helping the client sort through any confusion and allowing them to work out solutions for themselves. We can do this by removing fear-based perceptions and empowering the person to take responsibility for their decisions. Sometimes all that is needed is some clarity on life, helping a person sort through fear-based thoughts is a gift that a good reader will pass on to the client.



Final note:


Please remember your spiritual advisor is a human being. We all have problems to deal with, and life to get through, we do our best, and most of us go above and beyond, for our clients. We get tired and unwell just like everyone else; we do our best for you, so please respect that, if your life is not going to plan we can help but cannot fix it, that is for each person to soul search and remedy.

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