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Welcome to my therapy page, here you will find a selection of alternative treatments, from intuitive readings to sound therapies. My ethos is about mind body and soul, and all three should be addressed to aid healing. 

The mind body and soul are not separate but work as one unified energy field. To heal, we must understand the connection between all three.

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After an initial consultation, I help my clients establish where healing is needed. If another therapy is required, I have a network of therapist I recommend, including dieticians and massage therapists.


Into Quantum Consciousness

An intuitive reading gives you the opportunity to see your life from a 360 view, the physical (present life), spiritual (your hidden codes and connection to any spiritual gifts) holographic ( the reality we are creating ) and the roadmap you are following in the present moment.

From this perspective, you are more aware of the choices you are making, and a 360 reading also covers past life influences and blockages that may repeat in your present timeline.

To be successful, happy and healthy we need to explore our fears and doubts. This reading allows each person to rewrite or reconnect to their life purpose, whether that is creative, academic or spiritual in nature. A 360 reading gives you a three-dimensional view of your life. When we know our purpose and why certain experiences happen, we gain our power and open our lives up to synchronicity and fulfilment.


A traditional Tarot Reading - Using Tarot cards I can tune into specific issues and problems, the cards act as a storyboard and reveal core issues and blockages.
The outcome for the client is more clarity and a change in perception.The person having the reading feels more empowered and less fearful.


The Divine Blueprint Reading is for those souls with a greater understanding of their life journey and for the soul that has had an awakening and needs to reconnect with their original blueprint or template.

When we are born into the 3D reality of Earth, we come into this existence with three maps. The first one is the star map, the second the Cosmic and the third the life map, commonly known as the Astrological chart.

Your maps are unique to you, and the tools and codes you receive are energetic vibrations to help you interpret your life plan. I work as the facilitator, but ultimately you are responsible for the journey. 


An insightful and helpful reading, establishing present day scenarios and links to people and places. 
Have you been here before?
Do you remember a past life?
Do you feel a connection to a new location?
Do some people seem familiar on the first meeting?
When we access the past, we can bring forward forgotten gifts and memories to help you understand your life purpose. It can be inspiring knowing why you do certain things or get drawn towards places that represent the past. 

Unlock your potential, let me help you heal the past, gain insight into your gifts and release old past life files.
I am able to access the information for you on an intuitive/psychic basis.


Body scanning is the removal of energy implants in the etheric body and subtle bodies.

Energy implants are in or near the chakra system; they emit a frequency that interrupts our spiritual advancements. We may find it difficult to meditate, be authentic, follow our creative pursuits, fearful or shut down. Human DNA has enormous potential for receiving and transmitting information. Various techniques are used by the spiritual hierarchy to close off or interrupt new spiritual technology. 

The chakra system is one example of how energies can get stuck, attached or embedded into our energy system.
Body scanning is the removal of energy implants in the etheric body and subtle bodies.
I will tune into your star map and track your soul progress through to your present incarnation.



The first step to removing or cutting/dissolving psychic cords is the art of forgiveness. If we hold onto a negative emotion, we are connecting the energy to our subtle body, if not dealt with the cords become thicker and move to the physical body. Cutting energetic cords releases past lives, past relationships, casual and love interests. 

You can also do this with places you have worked or lived. It is important to understand energy cords, the information that is contained within them is valuable to both parties, first you must recognise the pattern of behaviour that is causing you to create the cords. Even the most loving relationships can have a toxic influence on your psyche and subtle energy bodies. 



Artificial Overlay Chakra Removal

The chakra system is a type of overlay or energetic sleeve; it was created and put on the human energy grid. The overlay chakras are not organic to the human interface but formed in the matrix. Removal of the chakra implants connects you to a vibrational match to mother earth; the need for constant grounding becomes unnecessary.


Welcome to Quantum and Holographic Echo Healing™, after years of researching and working with the energy I have created the quantum echo healing therapy, there is also a course for those that wish to work with quantum healing within their work.
This unique treatment takes you on a guided journey to self-healing, as a talking therapy you are taken through various stages of healing and self-discovery, this helps to release toxic mental energy and core beliefs that can limit our way of life.
We are now on the frontier of a new wave of healing.