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The Lemurians & Their Gift to Humanity

The legend of Lemuria, a lost ancient civilisation, continues to captivate spiritual seekers and historians alike. Believed to have existed long before the rise of known ancient cultures, Lemuria is said to have been a highly advanced society characterised by profound spiritual wisdom and harmonious living. This article explores the myth of the Lemurians, their unique gifts to humanity, and the enduring impact of their legacy.

The description of Lemurians, as with much of the lore surrounding them, comes from various sources of spiritual and esoteric traditions rather than historical or scientific evidence. These descriptions can vary widely, but some common themes emerge from the accounts of those who claim to have channelled information or received insights about Lemuria. Here are some of the most commonly reported characteristics of Lemurians:

Physical Appearance

Tall and Graceful:

People often describe Lemurians as tall, with heights ranging from 7 to 10 feet, reflecting their advanced and spiritually evolved nature.

Slender and Ethereal:

They are typically depicted as having slender, graceful bodies that exude a sense of lightness and ethereality.

Radiant Skin:

Their skin is said to have a glowing or radiant quality, sometimes described as having a subtle luminescence. The colour of their skin varies in descriptions, ranging from golden and light brown to shades of blue or pinkish hues.

Distinct Facial Features:

Lemurians are often portrayed with high cheekbones, almond-shaped eyes, and elongated faces, which give them a serene and otherworldly appearance.

Large, Expressive Eyes:

Their eyes are commonly described as being larger than average, often with vibrant, deep colours that convey wisdom and compassion.

The Myth of Lemuria

People often describe Lemuria, also known as Mu, as a large landmass located in the Pacific Ocean, encompassing areas now known as Hawaii, Easter Island, and other parts of Polynesia.

According to various esoteric traditions and channelled messages, Lemuria was a utopian civilisation that thrived tens of thousands of years ago. According to various esoteric traditions and channeled messages, people believed that the inhabitants of Lemuria were deeply connected to the Earth, the cosmos, and the divine, living in harmony with all life forms.

Spiritual Wisdom and Enlightenment

One of the most significant gifts the Lemurians are said to have bequeathed to humanity is their spiritual wisdom. Lemurians were highly evolved beings with a profound understanding of the interconnectedness of all life. They practiced and mastered various spiritual disciplines, including telepathy, energy healing, and deep meditation.

Key Spiritual Teachings:

Unity Consciousness:

Lemurians believed in the oneness of all existence. They understood that every being, regardless of form, was interconnected and part of the greater whole. This teaching emphasised compassion, empathy, and cooperation.

Energy Healing:

Lemurians were adept at working with the subtle energy fields of the body. They used crystals, sound, and light for healing and maintaining balance within their communities. Their techniques laid the foundation for modern energy healing practices such as Reiki and crystal therapy.

Stewardship of the Earth:

They held a deep reverence for nature and the Earth. Lemurians practiced sustainable living and worked in harmony with natural forces, fostering a balanced and abundant environment.

Lemurian Crystals

Lemurian Seed Crystals are considered one of the tangible remnants of Lemuria. These crystals, found primarily in Brazil and other parts of the world, are said to hold the encoded wisdom of the Lemurian civilisation. These crystals, which have distinctive ladder-like striations, are believed to facilitate spiritual awakening, healing, and the transmission of ancient knowledge.

The mythology and spiritual teachings of Lemuria, an ancient and advanced civilisation believed to have existed before known historical cultures, have fascinated many spiritual seekers. Among the most significant elements of Lemurian lore are the crystals believed to carry the wisdom and energy of this lost civilisation. These crystals are said to be tools for spiritual awakening, healing, and connecting with higher realms of consciousness. Here are some of the primary crystals associated with Lemuria:

Lemurian Seed Crystals are perhaps the most well-known and directly linked to Lemuria. They are typically clear quartz but can also be found in shades of pink and smoky. These crystals are recognised by their unique ladder-like striations or grooves on one or more sides.

Spiritual Properties:

Encoded Wisdom: Believed to contain the ancient knowledge and wisdom of the Lemurian civilisation.

Healing: Used for clearing energy blockages and promoting healing on a spiritual and physical level.

Meditation: Enhances spiritual practices, connecting users to higher dimensions and their inner wisdom.

Unity Consciousness: Promotes feelings of oneness and interconnectedness with all life.

Lemurian Aquatine Calcite Description: 

Lemurian Aquatine Calcite is a blue-green calcite found in Argentina. Its colour and energy are reminiscent of the tranquil waters believed to have surrounded Lemuria.

Spiritual Properties:

Emotional Healing: Aids in releasing past traumas and emotional blockages.

Spiritual Communication: Enhances communication with spiritual guides and higher self.

Calm and Tranquillity: Promotes a deep sense of peace and calm, useful for meditation and stress relief.

Intuition: Strengthens intuitive abilities and psychic awareness.


Description: Azeztulite is a variety of quartz that is said to have been activated by the Azez, a group of interdimensional beings. Although it is not directly tied to Lemuria, many believe that its high vibrational energy aligns with Lemurian frequencies.

Spiritual Properties:

Higher Consciousness: Facilitates access to higher states of consciousness and spiritual awakening.

Light Energy: Channels pure light energy, helping to cleanse and elevate the energy field.

Ascension: Supports the process of spiritual ascension and the integration of higher frequencies into the physical body.

Using Lemurian Crystals:


Meditating with Lemurian Crystals can help attune one to higher frequencies and access the stored wisdom of Lemuria. Practitioners report experiences of deep peace, enhanced intuition, and spiritual insights.


These crystals have a purpose in energy healing, clearing blockages, and restoring harmony. People think that these crystals have the ability to amplify healing energy and connect the user with divine consciousness.

Lemurian Legacy in Modern Times

Many people today, including spiritual teachers and light workers, feel a connection to Lemuria, suggesting that the Lemurian influence persists through the awakening of individuals who resonate with their teachings. Many spiritual teachers and light workers today feel a connection to Lemuria, claiming to reincarnate to help guide humanity through its current transition into higher consciousness.

Impact on Contemporary Spiritual Practices:

Holistic Healing:

The resurgence of interest in holistic and alternative healing methods reflects the Lemurian emphasis on the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit.

Environmental Awareness:

The growing movement towards environmental sustainability and reverence for nature echoes the Lemurian philosophy of living in harmony with the Earth.

Spiritual Awakening:

Increasing numbers of people are experiencing spiritual awakenings and seeking deeper truths about their existence, mirroring the Lemurian quest for enlightenment and unity consciousness.


The myth of Lemuria and its advanced civilisation continues to inspire and guide those on a spiritual path. The Lemurians’ gifts to humanity—spiritual wisdom, healing practices, and a deep connection to the Earth—serve as a reminder of our potential to live in harmony and unity. Whether viewed as a historical reality or a symbolic representation, the legacy of the Lemurians calls us to awaken to our highest selves and contribute to the healing and evolution of our world.

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