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A Quantum Leap

Human beings are notoriously afraid of change. You cannot move forward if you are holding onto old habits and beliefs about your limitations in life. We have come a long way with technology, but we have compromised our spiritual advancement. We are noticing the subtle changes both globally and inwardly, but cannot unlock the information to move forward. When we constantly feel and think negatively, this influences our health and other people, this reverberates in all aspects of life. Taking responsibility for our thoughts is not a simple task. Early programming by our parents, teachers and peers can set the way we see the world and ourselves throughout our entire lives.

By the time we are six years of age our perspective on the world and surroundings are set, overcoming this programming can be achieved by first removing the old template that is playing in the subconscious, it does not matter how many positive affirmations you say to yourself if the old template is playing it will not work. We exist in the now. Every thought you have in the now shapes and creates your future. If nothing changes in the way you think, you will just get more of the same each time. We are conditioned to respond to certain situations almost robotically, when we are ill the first thought is to go to a doctor, we do this without thinking of other alternatives, this is because from an early age our parents took us to the doctor, this created the thought program that wired the brain to believe this was the answer to our problem.

What if you were told that you could heal your body and taught from an early age to understand the mind and body connection, and your worldview would be very different? Our thoughts have a frequency which can influence the molecules in the body. Science can now prove this. An animal going to slaughter will release adrenalin into the body. This has consequences for both the animals and humans. When we consume this type of food, our bodies absorb the energy of the animal into our cells, we literally become what we eat. Our blood, cells and DNA have absorbed the fear and stress of the animal through the death process.

Documented evidence on the transference of emotions, food cravings and cellular memory from donor organs to transplant patients can give us a sign of how cells have memory and frequency, but if your mind is still working on the old patterning, this concept would be out of your conscious awareness. When we expand our conscious thought to the possibility of cell transference, we think in the conscious mind and not in the programmed mind.

The mind can play many tricks on us, we may believe we are happy at work or in a relationship, we force ourselves to believe this and the mind will happily go with this way of thinking, but nothing in your life is flowing, you may feel stuck, this is because your subconscious mind knows the truth, not the program you are running to make it all fit together.

When we eventually break out of the conditioning our self-awareness expands and we make a quantum leap of faith into our true purpose, our life may seem to fall apart, this is because the illusion you were holding onto serves no purpose in your future events. A shift in perception has taken place. You can no longer live the old version of your life. You can only go forward with a new thought process. Our thoughts have the power to transform us. We need to stop the old programming and embrace new concepts; they are already manifesting inside us, we just need to trust the process and take a Quantum Leap forward.

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