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Spirit Detection & Rescue

Are you interested in the paranormal, and would like to know more about ghosts, spirits, and the afterlife? Have you had experiences you cannot explain? do you need to expand your knowledge? If you are fascinated with all things supernatural, this course is for you. I have thirty years of experience in the paranormal world. I have investigated and cleared many haunted homes and businesses. For the first time, I am teaching this fascinating subject.

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Course Content

Spirit Detection and Rescue 


Module 1 Spiritual Defence / Protection

Sub lesson: Setting healthy boundaries and preventing spiritual attachments


Module 2 What are earthbound spirits


Module 3 How to engage with the spirit


Module 4 Free will & why they do not cross over

Sub Lesson: The reason for remaining in our dimension 


Module 5 What happens at death to keep the spirit from crossing & why do they refuse the light.

Sub Lesson: Types of dimensions for different types of haunting 


Module 6 Dealing with low-frequency spirits.

Sub Lesson: Ghost rescue protocols


Module 7 Using the dowser to create a sacred space and prayer work to cross spirit over.

Module 8 Dealing with Interdimensional energies