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The Sacred Seer

You have picked the Sacred Overseer card

Sacred Overseerer _edited.jpg

Angels are commonly depicted in oracle cards as spiritual beings that are believed to act as messengers, guides, and protectors. Angel oracle cards are a popular form of divination that utilizes the energy and symbolism of angels to provide guidance, inspiration, and support.


In oracle cards, angels may be represented by specific names, such as Archangel Michael or Gabriel, or they may be depicted more generally as winged beings with halos and white or golden robes. They may also be associated with specific colors, such as blue for protection or green for healing.


When an angel appears in an oracle reading, it may be a sign that you are being guided and protected by higher spiritual forces. The specific message of the angel may depend on its name or associated symbolism, but generally, the presence of an angel in an oracle reading suggests that you are being supported and encouraged to follow your path with courage, faith, and trust in the divine.

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