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Mary Magdelene

You have picked the Mary Magdelene card

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Mary Magdalene is a figure who appears in various spiritual and religious traditions, including Christianity and Gnosticism. In oracle card readings, Mary Magdalene often represents feminine strength, spirituality, and empowerment.


Mary Magdalene is known as a devoted follower of Jesus and a witness to his resurrection. In oracle cards, she is often depicted holding a jar of perfume, which represents her spiritual power and connection to the divine. She is also associated with the sacred feminine and may represent the intuitive, nurturing, and creative aspects of feminine energy.


In a reading, Mary Magdalene may symbolise a need to connect with your own spiritual power and intuition. She may also indicate a time of healing, forgiveness, and releasing old wounds or patterns. Additionally, she may represent a guide or mentor who can help you on your spiritual journey.


Ultimately, the meaning of Mary Magdalene in oracle cards will depend on the specific deck and interpretation used by the reader. It is important to approach any oracle card reading with an open mind and heart and to trust your own intuition and inner wisdom.

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