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Hey There

Philosophy 101

My philosophy is about connecting and sharing, and every so often you find a company that shares your passion for sustainability. This page is dedicated to those working for the greater good of the earth and community.

Over the coming months, I will share my soul sisters’ websites. It is an opportunity to discover new ideas and concepts. I meet amazing women with wonderful ideas and spiritual gifts. My first soul sister introduction is below. Please check them out.


Hi there! We are Paula & Sharon, co-founders of Jam Attic Boutique.

Our youngest children brought us together and we soon realised that we shared the same values and beliefs. Setting up our own business had been a long-held dream for both of us; so when the universe aligned, our dreams became reality. 

We both have a background in property, coupled with a love for interior styling and decor.  Up-cycling has been a passion of ours for years, and we are regularly asked where we source the items that we dress the furniture with.  That gave us an idea......!

Jam Attic Boutique was the next step, allowing us to combine our experience, interior styling skills and passion for sustainable sourcing and living.

We have very carefully chosen the products we offer to be beautiful and stylish and yet ethical and sustainable so that you can buy luxury without compromising the environment. 

We couldn't have got this far without the love, patience and support of our children, families and wonderful friends who have listened, contributed and encouraged us through the whole process.

When you shop with us, you really are supporting our families and yours - but most importantly, this Earth we call home.  Thank you, it means a lot.