Why The Law of Attraction Doesn't Always Work

We have all read or been aware of the books on the law of attraction with enticing forwards on how to get the perfect relationship, attract wealth or get a parking space. All very good if you understand the principles and implications behind the application. If you want to succeed and accomplish your intentions, you need to take 100% responsibility for everything that happens in your life, including what your wishes do to others. It is like quantum entanglement. Every action thought and deed has a consequence. When we use the law of attraction, we are also interacting with other people's energy portals.

We are connecting to the unified field which connects us to other people. Without knowing the implications when we use the cosmic ordering service we are inevitably interfering with other energies that surround us, akin to a cosmic soup. We may get what we ordered, but there are other anomalies to take into account. When creating an order, think carefully how it will effect your environment or people. If you modify the cosmic order from your intuition you will be using the universal template of creation and receive what you need. You will be surprised what manifests when you remove self serving requests.

Here is an example:

A woman is in a crowded parking lot, she asks her parking angel for a car park space and low and behold it appears, what she may not be aware of is the disabled person behind her that needs the car space, oblivious she locks the car and off she goes. In the meantime, the driver behind is desperate to park, chaos has ensued and a backlog of frustrated drivers continue.

Let us look at a different scenario and thoughts about this situation:

The same lady arrives at the parking lot, she needs a parking space but her thoughts are different, her perception is different, she visualises a space but requests that if a parent or someone in need would like that parking spot let them have it first. The woman drives around and misses two places to park, not deterred she spots one in a corner and parks her car successfully. As she proceeds to the shopping centre and notices that one of the car park spaces was taken by a young mother and the other by an elderly lady. The universe had organised itself from chaos to order simply by rearranging her thoughts and intentions. It is our perception and heartfelt intentions at the time of placing a cosmic order that determines the outcome. 

If we keep taking from the field, we are depleting the positive energy that others have invested within it through prayer and intention, when asking for something for yourself use your spiritual wisdom to put something back in the unified field. For example, if you are asking for a happy relationship, spend a little time on sending heartfelt gratitude into the energy field for what you have learned so far about yourself that is positive and life-affirming. The missing key is to deposit and withdraw by keeping everything in balance and from time to time meditate and send something positive into the energy matrix and beyond. Be conscious of your thoughts, they have a greater impact on your life and within other dimensions than you can possibly imagine.

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