Veganism has gained many converts over the last couple of years. It has become a way of life for people across the globe. Animal welfare, health and sustainability are some of the reasons the vegan diet has become popular. We no longer view the vegan way of life as lettuce, and a carrot, the variety and delicious recipes available make the transition more accessible than ever before.

Changing our eating habits to a vegan diet is no longer considered weird or whacky. There are many reasons to go vegan the suffering and cruelty tied to the meat, dairy, and egg industries including the way the animals are raised and killed should be a consideration. There are many documented cases of cruelty in slaughterhouses, and I believe if these places had glass windows there would be an outcry from the general public whether they ate meat or not.

I recently watched an American cooking program where the host went to various restaurants reviewing and tasting the food on offer.

I began to think about the sustainability and welfare of the animals if we are slaughtering thousands of animals it would be challenging to manage sanitary conditions. At the time of death, the numbers involved would also lead to the traumatic and fearful killing of the animals involved.

Personally, I don't want to be responsible for the unnecessary suffering inflicted upon animals during their short life and at the time of their slaughter.

Switching to a plant-based organic diet can have positive effects on the body, these include extra nutrients, better digestion and weight loss.

Not to mention the delicious recipes that are available online and in restaurants across the world. Following a vegan diet does not mean giving up on flavour or valuable dietary requirements, on the contrary, if you have sensible judgements about what you eat and include a varied selection of food groups your body will respond favourably.

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