From Fear To Freedom

It is easy to get lost in the emotions of despair, helplessness, and anger. We see the world changing and feel we have lost the power to transform ourselves. A negative feeling can cause deep feelings of unworthiness and despair. We need to allow healing on many levels of consciousness. It takes courage to let go and ask for help as most people are programmed to stay strong, keep going, etc. Recognising you are feeling low on energy, disconnected, and fearful is the start of self-healing.

We have all felt great swathes of emotions during 2019 and confusion and anger during recent times. The feelings are primal and bring to the surface deep emotional issues. As adults, we feel the need to suppress our shadow shelf. It is a natural response to the global upheaval and personal changes happening to billions of people from every corner of the world. The reality we once lived has shattered, leaving many people to question the world. When something changes, we become confused, we want to go back to normal. If we step back, we can begin to understand the necessity for change even if it seems overwhelming.

The constant bombarding of fear programming through the news channels is taking its toll on people. We rarely see anything reported that is joyful if we want to disconnect from this type of energy, use the remote, press off, and do something that does make you feel better about your day.

New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings. Sadly this does not bring comfort for those experiencing dramatic upheavals. Fear and anxiety take over and become the new emotions within us. 2021 has proved to be a global upheaval from a physical, spiritual and mental standpoint. Basic human activities like walking in nature, hugging, socialising have been absent from many lives recently. Apathy has descended upon humanity, and many souls have allowed fear to penetrate deeply within their psyche.

Humans are not meant to be isolated from each other. Studies have shown how depression and anxiety are a cause of social deprivation.

Did you know that standing six feet away from each other disconnects the heart-to-heart connection? When we stand in each other's energy, we can sense and pick up the subtle emotions of the person. The Heart Math Institute has conducted many studies on the subject. 2021 can be the turning point for positive changes and the end to the old paradigms.

The veil is lifting, and for the first time, we can see if we wish the true nature of our reality. Scary as that seems, it is allowing new concepts and ideas to flourish, people are beginning to understand the meaning of community and unity. Although many see things through the lens of the media and the propaganda behind the machine, people are waking up and turning off the fear channels. It is the greatest opportunity for humanity to take back its sovereignty. The time is now!

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