Mind Perception 2020

In our society we often hear the words consciousness or awareness bandied about, many use the term in a spiritual context but what does it truly mean to most people, one cannot exist without the other to be conscious means to be aware. To be in a state of consciousness, you allow yourself to live in the now. It helps to listen to your inner knowing and not live in the past or fear your future.

Many of our world’s innovative people connect to the energy of the universal consciousness. They tap into ideas that seem to pop into the mind many great inventors have come up with the same idea at the same time because they connected to the frequencies or awareness where these ideas were forming. Synchronicity and a little luck will allow one person to take the concept into the global consciousness.

Our mind can become our prison, we get trapped into a thought process of a limited world view of things, and we see our limitations through our mind chatter and worries. When our point of observation changes we move out of the fear vibration and into knowing or awareness. We experience this feeling as waking up, we are living in the moment, the illusion clear, and we can no longer vibrate at the same frequency again, the world you see will never be the same, and this is where your consciousness expands. When we live in a conscious frequency, there is no need to work things out with the mind, as we already know the answer because we are connecting to our inner knowing.

Sadly 2020 has become a place of fear brought about by the constant barrage of propaganda and lies from media outlets. We begin to live in the vibration of fear and anxiety we stop connecting to the infinite possibilities presented to the human race. We can create a different version of reality by disconnecting to fear and reconnecting to our creative power.

Humans live within a five sense reality which limits our perception of reality. When we become the observer and not caught within the mind matrix we connect to the unlimited resource of the universe. When something or someone controls your mind energy at that very point in time you are not connected to awareness, you are in a state of hypnosis and caught up in the illusion of the limited world view. The mind can enslave us and our perception of the world comes from how your brain deciphers that information, mostly from other people’s viewpoint. When we expand our thought process, we see things from a different observation point, we begin to question things. We undergo change and transformation on many levels. As humans, we see ourselves as separate from each other and nature, religion has enforced these feeling of separation by dividing us, and the illusion of separation has infiltrated our psyche over hundreds of years.

It can take time for new ideas to access your awareness. If you had told a person in the 1970s that you would be able to create a quantum computer, you might have been considered a mad or crazy person. Their reality was not in line with that knowledge in that timeline, the same individual may be alive and well in 2012 and very aware of this information now, so their consciousness has expanded to receive that information in this timeline. It is all about what you are willing to perceive in your reality. Humans limit themselves by their mind and fear programs. We are endless possibilities. Living in the moment is our most compelling point of reference, when we live in the past, we get stuck or paused in the emotions and memories. Likewise, we cannot reside in the future, and the point of power comes from living in the now.

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