From Competition To Cooperation

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Through the looking glass

"Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle."

― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

That is an excellent quote from Lewis Carroll, and most people have asked that very question. As long as man has been on this planet, he has looked up to the stars for his answers. When we could not understand where we came from, we looked to organised religions for answers and sacrificed our inner knowledge and freedoms. With so much new information about genetics and quantum science, we are on the frontier of finding out more about human DNA and our true nature and identity within the universe. The real puzzle is presented to science today is the identity of our DNA; some have even indicated that some components are alien in origin. We. have arrived at a point in our evolution that the old paradigm of Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest needs to be replaced with a new way of thinking and being. Darwin believed that we are in a state of competitiveness and competition rather than the latest ideas of cooperation.

When we link our thoughts to being competitive we are in a state of fear, our cells become stressed, and on high alert, we become angry if we do not succeed and those emotions will translate into the quantum field. Energetically this becomes a frequency that others can download, on a global scale if it is out of balance wars can ensue just from the collective consciousness of competing and self-serving mentality. We have an opportunity to change our thinking and create a new reality for humanity. Community is the key to growth, both personally and globally. The old way of thinking is that we are individuals separate and in survival mode.

For change to occur, we must embrace cooperation with others, begin to share skills and knowledge with all nations, regardless of their beliefs, humanity needs to wake up very quickly it is critical for continued survival on earth. We are witnessing chaos and the breakdown of the old ideas and systems that have ruled our planet for hundreds of years. What seems chaotic and violent is the universe reorganising to a new method of cooperation. We have generations of people propagating old beliefs onto the next generation, and change occurs when we shift our view of the world. Most peoples world view comes from the box in the corner; it is, by definition, a limited reality. We do not see the media reports of the the young people changing their communities by collectively working together despite their religious background, or the peaceful protests which are not reported , the media does not cover this type of news.


The biggest secret has been kept from the human race, our great puzzle, and that is we are not powerless creatures, we are infinite beings with the capacity to change the world we live in, it would only take 1% of the human race to raise the vibration of the planet. We have a choice we can stay asleep or wake to our true potential, if we awaken from the illusion, we would have an amazing transformation, and the option is ours.

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