With recent events unfolding over the coronavirus and various texts and emails asking me about the situation, I have decided to write some information from my perspective. Covid- 19 is a particularly nasty strain of the Covid viruses, and we have all at some point contracted a form of Covid illness as long as man has inhabited the planet we have had to endure respiratory illnesses. If you believe it engineered in a laboratory or from nature, it doesn't matter; it is here and creating many changes across the planet. It is also humbling to know that a single organism can change the face of our world politics and bring a health system to its knees. It is not the first time we have confronted a devastating virus. The black death wiped out 200 million people, 770 000, people died of HIV-related illnesses worldwide in 2018, and 300 million people died from smallpox in the 20th century.

In comparison, at present, our death rates are comparatively low. Fear is our biggest enemy, humans are not reacting rationally, fear reduces our immune system and allows illness to attack our body quickly. As a global community, we need to support each other, and there are signs of positive energy and a greater sense of community in many parts of the world.

The virus is allowing us to support smaller communities, businesses and vulnerable people, it is rewriting the history books financially. It is our greatest 21st-century challenge to date. It is teaching us patience, moderation and showing us how to be a global community without prejudice because the virus doesn't care how much money or status you have, death is the ultimate end journey in the physical and humans are not immortal. Knowing we could become ill and die should teach us many things about being human.

From a conspiracy point of view, we are losing our freedoms and ability to sustain ourselves financially, creating a one-world banking system and cashless society. Communities should create a bartering or money system that allows their community to thrive and survive without government intervention. Tyranny is our greatest enemy as more rules and regulations are rolled out on humanity.

From a spiritual perspective, we need to address the self-serving attitude that seems to prevail in situations like the one we are facing,

We need to create a world where we support each other despite race or religious beliefs.

In the uncertain times ahead, look after each other, support each other emotionally and try to reduce the fear, we have survived much worse.

Keep well, safe and look for the positives as we enter a new World Order.

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