Conscious Living

Conscious living reality is a life skill, and it is the intention to change outcomes, thoughts, decisions making for a more productive life. Most of us have to deal with paying a bill, credit cards, worrying about our children, etc.

Our creative brain is dulled down with the ever-increasing commitments in our present reality. We long for our spiritual nature and to experience personal growth.

How many times have you woken in a positive frame of mind only to turn on the news and become enraged at what you are viewing?

Conscious living means being purposeful, and intentional action is required. We can choose how to react to certain events. Rather than act out of fear, we can opt to work from the heart. We make choices based on inner values and your truth.

When you choose to live consciously, you begin to question and challenge everything. We start to see the world from a different perspective. We understand we have choices. We can become authentic by removing ourselves from the ongoing onslaught of media hype and disinformation.

It is easy to follow the pack mentality rather than standing out or up for our truth. The need to fit in or fear of being ostracised can render us with the inability to make heart coherent choices. Guilt carries a lower vibration signature that holds down our active, conscious state. Self-acceptance is a crucial attitude in any process of personal transformation.

We cannot change the past, but we can modify the way we think and feel about each situation. Holding onto guilt or shame keeps us in an energy prison and locks us energetically to the person, place or event. When we make firm judgments and dislikes, against individuals, we hold that emotion within our hearts. An energy cord is created which can be damaging to both parties.

We do not need to make momentous changes. Small steps are equally compelling and bring about positive outcomes in our life. Changing your routine, for example, the route you take to work, creates a different perspective, new scenes, people, and places, the mind becomes more conscious of its surroundings, this creates new experiences and sensory perceptions.

How To Live Consciously

Do acts of kindness without the need for reward

Let go of people, places, things that hold you back.

Remove the need to make judgments.

Value yourself.

Trust your decisions.

Don't second guess everything decision you make.

Do some life laundry, give away stuff that others may benefit from and no longer serves any purpose in your life.

Be aware of your words, speak kindly, people will remember harsh words and anger many years from now.

Have a few minutes each day in silence.

Learn to forgive yourself and practice forgiving others.

Learn to say no and mean it. People are good at persuading you to do things when you have made a decision.

Change a small detail about your life

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