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 Every human operates at a different frequency; we are finely tuned biological machines we have a harmonic resonance, when we pollute our body with toxins, poor diet and stress, the harmonics become chaotic and we suffer from the illness in our body and spirit. 

Holistic Living Personal Program

Medicine and technology have advanced expeditiously in the last fifty years, the advances in nano-drug technology are astounding, but we have many shortfalls in the body, soul connection. We are beginning to understand the correlation between thoughts, trauma and how it affects the body through illness and disease. Eastern medicine philosophy teaches us that mind, body and soul must be treated together. 


We are discovering more evidence about the subtle energy body and how to heal our mind, body and soul. Our ancestors knew the secrets of healing and they understood the subtle energy body when the flow of energy in our  body is disrupted dis-ease occurs. 


Understanding the whole being is essential to our future development as human beings, we need to move away from fear-based traditions and become more heart centred. Diet plays an important role in healing, many studies have shown how cells renew and disease is reversed with a sensible diet plan. It is surprising how many doctors have little knowledge or training in nutrition.


My knowledge of quantum healing, heart coherence, EFT, raw & living foods and sound therapy can pave the way for my clients to have the tools to make positive changes in their life. Let 2020 and beyond be the start of something amazing!

The Healthy Living Workshop

Join me on this inspirational workshop, learn how to create heart coherence, transfer law of attraction to law of perception, manifest quicker and how to connect to universal consciousness. Learn the vibrational codes of food and how it transfers light frequency on a cellular level. Learn how your thoughts create chemical changes in the brain and how it translates to the energetic body. 

Next workshop in August, dates will be shown soon, please email your interest at paulawratten@aol.com 

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