Areas of Expertise

360 Degree Reading

The 360-degree reading is a comprehensive look into a person's life path. We can discover hidden blockages that prevent you from moving forward. It can uncover past incarnations and how they interfere with your present-day life. I can locate disruptions in the holographic energy field and remove the echoes and imprint disturbance. Take a look at the possibilities in your future and explore all your potential life choices.

Life Path Reading

If you are trying to make sense of your current situation and need to have clarity on the decisions you are making this reading can be very helpful in deciphering the chaos, I look into your birthdate for further information about your life path. The choices you are making at the time of the reading will create timelines and possibilities, I can look at the path being created and help you with new insights which help your soul make better choices for future events. The life path reading concentrates on present circumstances and the effect on future timelines. 

The Akashic Records Reading / Soul Book

Having an Akashic reading you will discover your divine life path, how to clear past life blockages and understand the lessons you were supposed to learn through your lifetimes. You can access the journey between lives and off-world versions of yourself. You can send healing to various aspects of yourself for a deeper understanding of your soul journey. Many souls have amnesia when entering earth’s 3 D structure and forget the limitless energy of creating and consciousness. We are at this present timeline in 2020 seeing many people awaken from the slumber, some feel lost and alone while others see it as a great awakening of the soul. Entering the hall of records can help those that are struggling to understand their journey. 

About Me

I like to take a holistic approach to my healing using a combination of modalities to help remedy mind, body, and spirit. I am passionate about my readings and respect that everyone has their own journey, I never make judgments and will always try and help my clients see the positives and help decipher information given. Powerful shifts can happen during this type of reading and my gift is to help each person assimilate what has been given during the session. 

Author of two books and articles for online magazines.

I offer the following services, Psychic Readings - Clairvoyance - Tarot - Quantum Healing - Spiritual Development - Soul Guidance - Aura Clearing - Paranormal Assistance - Spirit Release - Planetary Healing - Sound Therapy - Mediumship - Implant Removal - ET Assistance - EFT Therapy - Soul Readings - Light Codes- Raw & Living Foods For Health And Wellbeing. Holistic Therapist - Chakra Removal, Symbol Removal ie Reiki, Religious or Imprints, Magnetic Therapy, Body Scanning- Past Life Healing.

Featured in The Sun newspaper, Fate and Fortune Magazine, Chat it's Fate, Prediction Magazine, Ghost voices, Chat Magazine Special, Silent Voices Spiritual Magazine. BBC Coventry, REM, In5D with Michelle Walling, Bear and Wolf radio, Martina Mercer Show, Uckfield FM, Talk Radio Spain, Meridian Radio.

Author of Living A Quantum Life

Living At Number 12
Living With A Psychic
Founder of Quantum Holographic Echo Healing™

I have had my psychic phone readings tested for accuracy by magazine editors and the public.
Co-Producer of Geometric Sound CD & mp3


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